Several models of iPhone 7 are being tested by Apple, claims report

Several models of iPhone 7 are being tested by Apple, claims report
Apple is testing five different models of the iPhone 7.
Apple released the iPhone 6s just a couple of months ago since then we have seen several rumors about its successor the iPhone 7. A new report published today claims that Apple has already started the testing of the iPhone 7. According to the report, presently five different models of the iPhone 7 are under the process of testing by Apple. The report says that Apple is testing a model of iPhone in which the Lightning connector is replaced with USB-C port. While, the report further claims that the other models of iPhone 7 which are under testing are equipped with multi-touch Force Touch/3D Touch technology, dual cameras, in-display fingerprint scanner and wireless charging technology.

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Wireless charging technology is a feature which Apple users have been requesting since the addition of wireless charging technology in high-end Android flagships. The wireless charging technology has been our wishlist for the iPhone 7 for quite some time. The wireless charging technology would give users the privilege of charging their iPhone wirelessly without hugging the walls. We’re glad that Apple is finally testing this technology. It could possibly be one of the key features of the iPhone 7. However, right now we aren’t sure if wireless charging technology is going to be a part of the iPhone 7.

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The multi-Force Touch/3D Touch technology probably would mean that it would allow users to press hard with two fingers on the screen to access different sort of options.

The in-display fingerprint scanner has been rumored for a long time. This technology would allow Apple to equip the fingerprint scanner into the display, probably causing the removal of the home button. It would also allow the Cupertino company to shrink those bezels for which Apple has been a victim of criticism for a long time by many tech reviewers.

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While at this point of time when these technologies are currently under testing of Apple. We aren’t really sure that which of those above-mentioned technologies would be featured in the final retail version of the iPhone 7. But let’s hope for the best and what do you think? which of these technologies should be the part of the iPhone 7? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GForGames

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