Apple could start using OLED Displays for iPhone in 2018

Apple is planning to use OLED displays in 2018 for iPhones, According to Nikkei. Apple has notified their display suppliers about their future display plan in order to make them ready for production, LG is already providing OLEDs for Apple Watch and readying its self for production capacity upgrade for OLEDs Display.

The report claims LG Display and Samsung Electronics will be the main provider of OLED displays for future iPhones. Apple’s step toward OLED display will be a huge loss for Japanese Companies that are currently producing LCD displays for Apple and earning a huge amount of profit.

Apple ships a lot of iPhones, the technical issues of OLEDs forcing the company to continue selling iPhones integrated with LCD display panels alongside models featuring new OLED display.

Apple is using LCD displays since the first iPhone launched eight years ago, But the competitors are using the cutting edge OLED display technologies which are sharper, brighter and power efficient than the LCD displays, but they offer shorter display life and costs way more than LCDs. Apple is working hard to eliminate cons of OLED displays as Apple wants to introduce better display than existing displays.

Previously, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities shared that Apple is not adopting OLED display at least for next three years because of a report claiming that Apple is adopting AMOLED display for iPhone 7. Kuo also claimed that Apple’s largest supplier Foxconn is investing in advanced TFT -LCD production lines in China for mass production in 2018.

If not OLED display, Apple has to upgrade iPhone 7 with a better display that could be an innovation through LCD or may be just a number upgrade.

Do you want OLED display in your next iPhone?

Ahsan Zafar

An aspiring web developer with particular interest in Apple products .