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Apple Controll (ACL) is a Apple tech blog ,which was founded back in September 26th 2012. Our main focus is covering Apple news, reviews and tutorials. Meanwhile, Apple Controll sometimes also covers major tech events and other major companies e.g Google. Our blog is updated numerous times a days by several writers and editors.

Apple Controll provides its readers helpful tips and tutorials about everything related to Apple. We just don’t want to write about current affairs, we want to keep our visitors updated with the most important and interesting stuff around.

Apple Controll has a huge database of loyal readers from around the world, who frequently share their opinions in the comments section.

Apple Controll was initially founded by Ahsan Zafar who was stunned by Apple’s technological innovation and is very passionative to write and review Apple products. Later on, one of his best buddies, Afnan Ali Awan joined him in his blog and took oath as the Co-Founder, Senior Editor of Apple Controll.

We respect our readers privacy, you can read our privacy policy here.

Our Team
  • Ahsan Zafar – Founder, Editor-in-Chief
  • Afnan Ali Awan – Co-Founder, Senior Editor
  • Izzah Ramzan – News Writer

About Our Team
Ahsan Zafar
Ahsan ZafarTechnology lover, A great Apple admirer and a Faithful fan, Geek and the Founder and Editor-in-Cheif of AppleControll. Ahsan has been writing posts for Apple Controll since he founded it. He only use Apple, he own 3 Macbooks, One iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and a iPad Air 2. He also contributed in many other Blogs.
You can read his posts on Apple Controll here.
Afnan Ali Awan
Tech enthusiast,Professional Tech Blogger, Former Editor in Cheif of Android Download Blog, Android user, and Co-founder of Apple Controll – Afnan Ali Awan has been blogging about Apple and Android before most people knew what Apple and Android even was.
You can read his posts on Apple Controll here.
Izzah Ramzan

News Writer of Apple Controll.
You can read her posts on Apple Controll here.
Last Updated: June 2nd, 2015